ABC INTERNATIONAL is  glad to highlight its capability in design, manufacturing, certification and installation approval of ABC Decorative Crest for airline cabins.
The ABC Decorative Crest is the best way to show your corporate brand logo throughout the cabin and achieve increased brand awareness among your passengers as well as boost your visual identity during their travel experience.




The ABC Decorative Crest can be made of a wide array of lightweight materials (honeycomb, lightened epoxy resin, high density foams, carbon fiber or lightened aluminum) to replicate the airline company logo and can be installed within the aircraft cabin on partitions, bulkheads and/or galley, lavatory side. Many different design styles and finishing can be proposed either with the corporate brand colors or with gorgeous metal finishing effects. 



ABC Decorative Crest with airline logo is the best solution to strength the company image and give a sensible contribution to the company brand awareness towards any passengers. ABC Decorative Crest makes the cabin elegant and attractive. This is particularly useful when a new airlines is starting-up and/or the airline is willing to revamp the cabin as a first step for a rebranding campaign.

ABC Decorative Crest  is a fully airworthy and certified product and it is accompanied by PTS (Product Technical Specification) and EASA Form One. It can be installed on board by mean of a Minor Modification/Minor Change that ABC INTERNATIONAL will coordinate, issue and approve as EASA A-DOA approved company.



Starting from the company brand logo ABC INTERNATIONAL is able to develop a dedicated 3D design style proposal and once approved the final design, industrialize it for manufacturing and deliver the decorative crest ready for installation with all the relevant hardware,  EASA approved data and Form One.

ABC INTERNATIONAL has internal skills in industrial design development in order to present dedicated design and 3D style studies starting for any airline company logo. Any different designs is always consistent with company visual identity and is conceived to be manufactured and approved in accordance to a jointly defined product specification.

If you just want to get more details or simply explore a possible development of your brand for a new Decorative Crest ABC INTERNATIONAL shall be eager to carry on dedicated design studies for you. We look forward to be contacted to satisfy your need or your simply curiosity.