Engineering Certification Services

ABC INTERNATIONAL is an EASA approved AP-DOA Company under the EASA approval number AP-346, able to certify and approve any minor or major modification to aircraft cabin by means of Service Bulletin/Engineering Order.

ABC INTERNATIONAL holds following approved Scope Of Design:

Application, certification and approval of minor as well as major changes (STC – Supplemental Type Certificate) for aircraft modifications and design changes (including all the necessary relevant installations).
STC related to passenger and cabin crew seating and interiors furnishing as per 21A.112B(b) and GM 21A.112B(b) – Aeroplanes and Rotorcraft: Cabin Safety, and make modifications for the following aircraft: Commuter Aeroplanes CS-23; Large Aeroplanes CS-25; Small Rotorcraft CS-27; Large Rotocraft CS-29.



 In addition to the above array of products and services, ABC INTERNATIONAL is able to offer:

• Aircraft special equipment installation (safety equipment, portable/semi-portable equipment; ancillary revenue tools devices);

• New Cabin Product & Project design, development, certification, manufacturing and installation approval;

• Layout Of Passenger Accommodation (LOPA) modification, design and approval for cabin retrofit programs;

• Cabin interiors (seats, carpets, curtains, class dividers, monuments, sidewalls; PSU, labelling, mark and signs) refurbishment and modification;

• Technical Documentation & Publications (SB, SL, EO, Job Cards, 2D and 3D drawings, Manuals);
• Aircraft livery including design and modification;
• Concept & Styling Mock-up development and manufacturing Our international multidisciplinary team consists of skilled and talented aviation professionals, with a long experience.


ABC INTERNATIONAL customer base globally developed is continuously increasing and includes airlines, leasing companies and MROs form Europe, America, Middle East and Asia.


ABC INTERNATIONAL supports with a full package approach (from design to manufacturing, certification and kit manufacturing and installation) small and medium sized airlines with regard to all cabin interiors related products (cabin refurbishment, carpet, seat covers, cushions and aesthetics/cosmetics OEMs and/or PMA parts, curtains, class dividers, small monuments such as stowage and doghouses, decorative crest logo, maintenance and refurbishment of cabin interiors).

ABC INTERNATIONAL owns and coordinates a group of companies specialized in the cabin interiors refurbishment business (aviation leather, seat dress covers design and manufacturing, curtains, carpets, hand-made resin airline’s crest and emblems for cabin installation).


Thanks to several DO-PO agreement in place with primary POA companies, ABC INTERNATIONAL is able to certify and approve under EASA any minor/major modification and kit installation to aircraft cabin by means of Service Bulletin/Engineering Order and STC – Supplemental Type Certificate. 


ABC can release of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) / Engineering Change Order (ECO) and Minor Modifications approval related to:

• passenger seats (PMA spares, design and upgrades/modifications)
• cabin crew member seating
• aircraft interiors furnishing as per 21A.112B(b) and GM 21A.112B(b)
• Cabin Layout Modification and New LOPA design certification and approval
• LOPA reconfiguration/modification Cabin Interiors and monuments refurbishment project (including relevant certification and installation instructions)
• Design, certification, manufacturing and installation approval of Airline Logo Decorative Crests
• Refurbishment of 2nd hand seats, replacement of seat covers and cushions
• Design and manufacturing of soft furnbishing (curtains kit and ultra light weight carpets)


 ABC INTERNATIONAL offers additional services such as:

• Engineering, Design & Certification expertise support on cabin equipment
• Appliance Certification & Qualification
• Supply Chain Management/On-site Customer Representation
• Supplier Performance Monitoring/Control
• Program Management
• Business Development/Sales Representation
• Cabin Interior Engineering & Certification services for outsourcing
• PMA/EPA Cabin Parts & Interiors Kit Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Approval Programs
• New Products and Equipment Cabin Installation and Certification Approval