Espresso Trolley Machine

ABC INTERNATIONAL of Italy is delighted to introduce an innovative, exclusive and terrific tool to enhance passenger’s flight experience. We provide airlines with a new reliable and long-term source of ancillary revenues: the Trolley Espresso Maker. The idea behind the Trolley Espresso Make is to enable Airlines to serve freshly brewed espresso coffee to all passengers on-board while they are comfortably seated during their flight (either sold or offered). The Trolley Espresso Maker will be delivered to airlines fully airworthy with relevant release certificate (Form One) by means of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approved by EASA under ABC INTERNATIONAL coordination and responsibility.

We offer a turnkey solution either for retrofit of existing trolleys already operating with the Airlines or for trolleys delivered brand new and already fully equipped with the espresso machine. The Trolley Espresso Maker is mainly conceived as an opportunity to serve not only espresso, but also a full array of hot drinks (ginseng-coffee, cappuccino, infusions, scented tea, etc) to all passengers during flight time to enhance their experience. 

ABC INTERNATIONAL provides full customization of the espresso trolley and its accessories:

  • ·         Coffee machine with the Airline’s logo
  • ·         Paper cups
  • ·         Sugar bags
  • ·         Coffee spoons
  • ·         Capsules and Paper pods

 The product also represents a great tool to increase ancillary revenues and this is especially true for charter and/or low cost airlines (or budget sensitive airlines). For major carriers, the espresso could be offered as complementary to passengers travelling in first, business and premium economy and it could be sold to passengers in economy class. We have selected the best coffee blend to share and spread  the  real Italian coffee culture around the world.

The wide, well-provided coffee and drink catalogue gives Airlines the chance to personalize the menu and select hot drinks that are more suitable for their passengers.

 Some of the coffee blends and hot beverages available are:

  • ·         Arabica Espresso
  • ·         Creamy Bar Espresso
  • ·         Dek Decaf Espresso
  • ·         Ginseng Coffee
  • ·         Mokaccino Coffee
  • ·         Liquorice Herbal Tea
  • ·         Digestive Herbal Tea
  • ·         China Green Tea

The Trolley Espresso Maker is equipped with a well-integrated, very light and low power consumption coffee machine entirely developed by ABC INTERNATIONAL engineering team.

 We have reduced the weight of the coffee machine without disregarding the ergonomic feature that allows flight attendants to manage the machine easily in order to save time during the service.

An additional distinctive feature is the low power consumption. This permits to enhance the possibilities to satisfy passengers’ requests while increasing profits for Airlines.