Class Dividers



In its way on growth and development of new skills, design and manufacturing capability ABC INTERNATIONAL is keen to introduce to the market a new line of interiors products conceived to better support the cabin reconfiguration programs of airlines around the world. Indeed ABC INTERNATIONAL has recently and successfully launched a new line of cabin monuments and interiors. First born of this new family of products has been a brand new Fixed Class Divider for Boeing B767-300ER.

 Very often mixed cabin layouts need to be sectioned-off between business and economy class for privacy and cabin service differentiation.  a new solution meeting this kid of need has been designed, certified and delivered by ABC INTERNATIONAL.The new ABC INTERNATIONAL Fixed Class Dividers forBoeing B767 family aircraft intends to specifically support cabin revamping and reconfiguration/retrofit  projects where mixed class layouts are present. The new solution has been conceived to be highly customizable and adaptable to various and different cabin layouts, it is  low weight but highly robust. Delivered with all relevant EASA approved installation instructions (Structural and flammability requirement are of course met) and EASA Form One other than within a very reasonable lead-time and with an undoubted price competitiveness.


 Most in general ABC INTERNATIONAL is able today to develop and supply interiors products to accommodate those needs such as replacement or refurbishment of movable class dividers, stowage, dog-houses, coatrooms for the most different aircraft cabin applications for either narrow-body (namely B737 and A320) or wide-body (B767, B777, A330 and A340). Our cabin equipment are customized specifically to address any airliner’s unique configuration.


 The new ABC INTERNATIONAL Fixed Class Divider is floor mounted using the seat-tracks and upper attachments, they are available with adequate system for secure fastening and very quick change-outs.

 These class dividers  feature harmonized cabin aesthetics and industry-leading reliability. The class divider  design is highly integrated into the aircraft, resulting in weight-efficient solutions and the monument is composed of 3 main sub assembly: LH and RH partition with doghouses and centre partition equipped with doghouses and coatroom.


Every sub-assembly is provisioned to accommodate:

  • ·         9” LCD screen
  • ·         Literature Pockets
  • ·         Doghouse with or without drawers
  • ·         Stowage and coatroom

TheClass Divider is made of aeronautical honeycomb and aluminium other then decorative films and finishing materials to meet specific state-of-the-art cabin customizations and looking.

Each class divider subassembly is equipped with a dog-house (including 2 drawers for central class divider). The doghouse is installed on the back wall of the class divider on the lower side. It makes best use of free space for storage facilities and it is particularly useful for emergency equipment, although they do also have other uses including heavy equipment. The central class divider features a coatroom and doghouse as well to stow not only clothes but also heavy emergency equipments like wheelchairs, stretchers, fire extinguisher.