Decorative Crest for CityJet


ABC International is proud to introduce its new Decorative Crest for CityJet.

They are installed on board on Sukhoy Superjet 100 - SSj-100-.

The delivery of the first aircraft was celebrated in Venice on the 24th March 2016, it is the first of 15 aircraft which will renew the fleet.

The renewal programme includes a stronger cabin branding mark and ABC International was the partner to this purpose.

The decorative crest is composed by supporting plate made of polycarbonate sheet and Airliner branding name “CityJet” is made of metallic letters painting in accordance with the Airline’s color codes.

Pininfarina designed the new interior for CityJet and Abc International manufactured them.

More and more Airlines are aware of the importance of branding surplus values and ABC International is the best partner to reach the target.


ABC International for Small Planet Airlines



 ABC International for Small Planet Airlines



In November of last year, ABC International began a partnership with FL Technics and Lithuanian-based Small Planet Airlines to begin a partition and decorative crest program.

"It was a challenge for us because of the delivery date of the first batch was in February," says Virginie Iorio, Media Relations Communication and Business Promotion for ABC International. "But we worked hard to complete the job and satisfy the customer, and the results were equally satisfying and rewarding for us."

 The decorative crest ABC International developed for Small Planet Airlines with FL Technics is a retro-looking illuminated decorative crest — a synthesis between innovation and design applied to a certified aircraft component. A combination of special geometries of aluminum support and globe/continents layers are used to reflect and direct light where needed. These properties allow ABC International to install a minimum quantity of LED lights and permit a drastic reduction of power consumption.

ABC International's new Milestone



 ABC International's new Milestone


Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016 has been a very successfull show for Abc International.

We have introduced to the entire Aeronautical world our latest product: SMALL PLANET AIRLINES’ retro-looking illuminated Decorative Crest: “ABC INTERNATIONAL entered 2016 on the right foot……A synthesis between innovation and design, a combination of special geometries of aluminum support on globe/continents layers are used to reflect and direct light where needed” cit. Melissa Silva Pax International Magazine.

We are proud of the success we reached and we would like to give a special thanks to all visitors who kindly take their time to pass to our booth.

Leather Seat Covers Cleaning Service



 Leather Seat Covers Cleaning Service.

The airplane seats are always subject to wear and tear and the airlines must resolve this issue that is often expensive and pesky.
ABC INTERNATIONAL offers the cleaning service of the leather seat covers at a very competitive price and with the longtime experience of his specialized workers that always provide a very well-made job with warranty of professionalism.