ABC INTERNATIONAL to reshape the comfort expectations through groundbraking “BOOM HEADREST”

ABC International launches the revolutionary headrest by redefining the ideal comfort on-board seating.

Shifting the focus of headrest to the essential needs of the passenger, ensures remaining in an orthopedic posture of the neck and nape, which leads to an uninterrupted sleep out of comfort.

Totally engineered by ABC International, the incomparable headrest can be adjusted to various positions as desired throughout the flight. The astonishing news to the passengers is the elimination of the necessity of carried portable orthopedic pillows on board.

The Italian made “Boom Headrest” can be installed on any seat either on retrofit or linefit conditions and represents a low-cost solution for both Airline companies and seat OEMs to improve cabin experience and enhance the feeling with the passengers. Driven by the need to
make the product compatible with any seat configuration, Boom Headrest has been studied with a standard provision to allow proper interface with the most common seat types. Dedicated solutions may be studied and designed to allow full integration with any seating system.


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