ABC INTERNATIONAL Design Organization approved by EASA also for “Small Aeroplanes” category

The Italian DOA is now entitled to work on CS-23 certifications and ready to enter the small airplanes business.


Naples, Italy, 29th Octorber, 2020. Further to the successful completion of a significant change of its own Design Assurance System, ABC International (EASA.21J.529) is now also entitled to classify changes to TC or STC as “major” or “minor”, as well as to approve “minor” changes to TC or to STC within the “Small Aeroplane” products (CS-23).

The approval pertains to the following areas of expertise:

  • Avionics/Surveillance Systems
  • Cabin/Cabin interiors, Electrical Cabin Systems, External Schemes, Placards and Markings
  • Structures/Control Surfaces-Movables, Empennage, Engine Mounts, Fuselage, Landing Gears, Wings

Thanks to the “small airplanes” category background of some of its executives, the Italian Design Organization can boast a specific knowledge of CS-23 operational environment and therefore a deep understanding of the “unique” stakeholders needs. Being totally aware that CS-23 segment is totally different from the ordinary operativity of “large airplanes”, ABC INTERNATIONAL management developed the idea to serve a large number of customers that usually struggle to find the right technical partner to support their daily activities. In line with that and in accordance with its own strategic plan, ABC INTERNATIONAL submitted to the Agency a request for extension and, following successful completion of the assessment by the designated EASA Officer, obtained the privileges for the new terms of approval against the CS-23 product category.

“More and more often we receive enquires from small operators that aim to comply with EASA regulations. It seems very difficult for them to find a cost and time efficient solution at the same time. CS-23 operators are usually requested to give seasonal services, sometimes weekly or daily. It is important for them to have an approved Design Organization like ABC INTERNATIONAL which is able to manage and approve very small changes in a snap of a finger” says Mr. Alberto D’Ambrosio, CEO and founder of ABC “. We had the knowledge and the manpower to satisfy the demand of a big part of the aviation audience, the CS-23 operators, whose needs are commonly unknown to the big Design Organizations”

ABC INTERNATIONAL CVEs have a great past experience on small airplanes changes. This is an indisputable advantage in tailor making solutions each time a specific package is required (usually a combination of engineering services, design, certification and related hardware kit whenever required) in response to any single query. Not many peers know the real needs behind CS-23 requests.

“Following the COVID-19 crisis we understood the importance of product diversification and company risk mitigation. Nowadays, I firmly believe enlarging our own competences is the right approach to the market.” – keep saying D’Ambrosio – “From now on, we specifically target small and medium private jet operators, CAMOs, Maintenance Organizations, aerial service providers such as skydiving schools, aerial photography, media flights, sensational flights and many others. They all require a high level of customization and unique solutions for their requests. Sometimes their requests are complex and need a very wide array of skills and competences to be settled.”

Olindo Spatola, VP Engineering and HDO at ABC INTERNATIONAL spends few words on the CS-23 compliance world: “The Agency is being considering this product category to be strategic since years and, in this endeavor, specific activities have been initiated and are on-going aimed to both streamline the certification and increase safety. The new “structure” of the related certification specification and applicable AMC&GM introduced by the Amdt. 5 is introducing the concept to design products by objectives, so leaving the “old” concept linked only to the certification specific technicalities. On the other hand, minor modifications are typically carried out against original certification basis of the products, which obviously makes reference to the previous Amdts”.

Thanks to the CS-23 extension ABC INTERNATIONAL, mainly known as a leading part 21J player in the “large airplanes” business so far, is now able to reach any level of the “fixed wing” aviation industry. Touristic and business operators, aerial services providers and small independents can all benefit from the unmatchable experience and specific know-how of our Design Organization and get modifications approved.

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